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Do you have longer sessions to help me with my restless nights?


Ive been having panic attacks now that I have to go back to work after being at home for the last few months. I listen to your shows but which do you think are the best G.

Never ending panic and anxiety

I went to bed Sunday as soon as i closed my eyes a flood of panic rushed over me. It continued every 10 min for 17 hours until i got to the doctor. It was the most defeating day of my life and scariest!! Doc prescribed larazapam .5 mg like whats that gonna do and it barely helped my panic and anxiety it has continued everyday this week. Iv never had it longer then 20 min here and there its terrifying me. Only thing that has really helped is you and your calming breathing!! Thank you!! What should my next step be to get help they want me to start lexapro but im so scared of all the side effects i rather have something i can take when panic arrises. Iv watched to many people be suicidal dizzy nauseous headache with the meds giving they have more panic and anxiety which terrifies me! Should i talk to my pc and get a refferal to a Psychiatrist? Help

I haven;t gotten new content since Nov 9 on member site

Hi, I have the ad free version on Apple podcast and I have not gotten any new content since November 9

Tap tap

Hi Martin just a note to say, thank you for reminding me to smile everyday after the meditation. It helps me to continue with kindness and appreciation for the small things­čî║